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Whether you're a pro or need a little more help, there's always products that'll make your moustache a little better. And as we hit November, it's time to get your Movember on and help raise awareness for men's health issues that are faced every day. So, to help you guys out, here at The Idle Man we've got some of the top products you can try so you have the best moustache this month.

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So What Is Movember?

With a goal to "change the face of men's health", the Movember Foundation runs the Movember charity event each year. It basically consists of men growing a moustache for the month of November. They do this to raise awareness, and money, for a selection of men's health issues such as men's suicide, testicular cancer and prostate cancer.

The charity also works all year round, encouraging regular check ups and living a healthy lifestyle which  aims to both increase early cancer detection, diagnosis and any effective treatments. To promote these issues further, November is a big month in their calendar as the global event brings even more attention to the health issues men can have. The charity has run Movember since 2004 and from then it's grown to become a globally known event that raises awareness and a lot of money throughout the entire month.

Moustache Wax


First of all we have this Murdock Moustache Wax, which guarantees a long lasting hold for those of you that want to twist, style and play around with your moustache. Natural ingredients are always good, so with natural white beeswax being the main ingredient, you're going to be able to keep the hair refreshed and hydrated without using any synthetic products that usually just dry out the hair. The wax also provides a strong hold that still feels soft and flexible and not too over done with product.

Murdock moustache wax quince


D.R. Harris

If you're a fan of D.R. Harris' products already, then you really need to try their moustache wax, as we believe it's one of the best. The stylish packaging is as good on the outside as the product is on the inside. This wax will help make your styling process a whole lot simpler, as each hair will stay nourished and hydrated due to the additions of Jojoba and Coconut Oils.

Moustache Comb

As well as the wax, D.R Harris have a moustache comb that you can use to style your hair to keep your facial hair looking clean and well-groomed. Everyone that has a moustache will know that you need to keep it under control - you can't be having overly scruffy hairs that randomly do their own thing. So if you're looking to use one of these recommended waxes, a comb is worth investing in. You'll be able to style and keep the hairs under control while you see how long you can actually grow it.

D.R Harris moustache wax
D.R. Harris moustache wax



With such a diverse range of men's skincare, shaving and body products, Neville aims to fulfil your everyday grooming needs. A barber shop ready product can be hard to come across, but when one does, it's always a good one. The Neville moustache wax helps to put hairs perfectly in place and if you have sensitive skin, this un-fragranced balm won't irritate or annoy any skin cells. The beeswax and hemp seed oil help to hydrate and keep your moustache in it's desired shape - so it's definitely worth a try.

Moustache wax by Neville


On That Note

When it come to moustache growing, you need to trim, wax and comb the hairs while also using shampoos and conditioners to help keep the hairs smooth and soft. No-one wants a prickly, course moustache, so taming the hairs should be a necessity. Nourishment is key, and these waxes will help with the hydrating elements you'll so desperately need. Remember, if you are going to take part in Movember, registering and raising money on the Movember Foundation website should be first on the list.


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