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Autumn is approaching, so it's time to get rid of those fresh, summery aromas and opt for something a little more warm and wintery. Here at The Idle Man we've teamed up with BEAST Grooming to give you the best fragrances for Autumn.

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Fragrances, colognes, perfumes - all the same or all different? Technically all different, but that's a whole other story and realistically you're reading this article to get the low down on what your next fragrance should be. So, let's stop with the waffling and get straight to it. Autumn brings a indulgence of woody, grassy musks with hints of amber undertones and rich, spicy notes that complete each fragrance. Sound tempting? We've lined up our five favourite autumn smells.

Escentric Molecules - 03

Art and science may be polar opposites but when combined, some of the best outcomes are produced. An example of this is the selection of Escentric Molecules perfumes. With molecular technology, perfumer Geza Schoen singly used an aroma-molecule that doesn't exist in nature and one that was once unknown in the world of perfumery. All the scents created translate a pure, minimalist message suitable for both sexes.

As we approach the autumn months, the common denominator in all his perfumes, Iso E Super scent, is this time the vetiveryle acetate. The Escentric Molecules 03 fragrance uses a refined note that brings a woody, slightly grassy character of Vetiver to the perfume. This may sound slightly too woody, however the Acetylation brings out a touch of grapefruit in vetiver, giving it a bitter-fresh top note.

Escentric molecules 03 fragrance
Esentric Molecules - 03

Laboratory Perfumes - Amber

As a top seller for us each week, this timeless perfume should be your next investment. The selection of gender-free fragrances are designed to react to the wearer throughout the day, proving just how British scent specialist Laboratory Perfumes have taken the contemporary approach to perfumery.

Amber is the ideal fragrance for the colder weather, as its main scent is a warming Amber which is combined with middle notes of long grass, spice and woods, therefore creating an all round escape for your senses. As the very first fragrance created for the brand, Amber is a multilayered, long-lasting smell that gradually reveals its complex nature throughout the day. The rich spices and warm, earthy woods bring out a subdued tone as the evening closes in.

Laboratory Perfumes Amber fragrance

ODIN - 12 lacha

Originating from the streets of New York, ODIN have two major collections - The Black Line and The White Line. The Black Line takes you on a trip around the world while The White Line is formulated to almost do the opposite. Both lines being unisex, The Black Line selection are distinctively more masculine and are structurally different to it's feminine partner.

Inspired by the rich landscapes of India, ODIN 12 Lacha should be a part of your autumn fragrance collection. The powerful scent is a spicy blend of black pepper, lacha saffron and nutmeg, bringing you an aroma that takes you on an exotic and hectic journey around India. Middle notes of spicy carnation and suede accord are finished off with bottom notes of bois ded santal, musk and patachouli, creating a rich fragrance perfect for the winter weather.

Odin 12 Lacha

Tom Daxon - Iridium

With a selction of aromas ranging from rich and woody to light and fresh, Tom Daxon fragrances are ideal for every season. Each with a different, unique scent, Tom Daxon's passion for creating unisex smells has lead to not only an amazing set of perfumes but body lotions, shower gels and scented candles that have been added to the collection.

Iridium Eau De Parfum is an indulging and creative scent that translates warm top notes of juniper, angelica and carrot seed. This selection of rich ingredients are often used for flavouring gin, making it the perfect winter warmer. The fragrance continues to better itself with middle notes of iris root and base notes of vetiver, cedar-wood and Iso E Super. This collection of flavours make Tom Daxon's Iridium the fragrance equivalent of 'charcoal coloured cashmere'.

Tom Daxon Iridium

D.R. Harris - Windsor

With a combination of traditional apothecary and the needs of the modern man, D.R. Harris' selection of aromas are good enough for Royalty (literally). D.R. Harris skincare was awarded the warrant as chemists to The Queen, The Queen's Mother and The Prince of Wales, so if they approve, so do we. Producing traditional products may be their main aim, but as time moves on D.R. Harris are more than compatible with the contemporary man.

Mixing things old and new is definitely true to the Windsor Eau de Toilette. A few citrus notes of orange and bergamot contribute to a zesty punch, while middle and base notes of leather, black pepper and vetiver add a sense of sophistication and maturity to the smell. A combination of traditional heritage and the understanding of a luxury, fresh vibe has made this fragrance one of the best for the transition into autumn.

D.R. Harris Windsor perfume

On That Note

So we've rounded up the best of the best autumn inspired fragrances. Leather, woody, grassy, orange and amber musk all included, if you can imagine the warm and cosy aromas of these ingredients then you've definitely got to invest in one of our top five. It's time to step out of summer and hit autumn with full force.


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