Adam Levine and Hair Loss

He's known for his luscious, slick locks, until he caused a stir with his newly shaved head on The Voice. But was it hair loss that led to Adam Levine's shaved head and what can he do to treat it?

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Adam Levine Haircut

As the front man of Maroon 5, Adam's Levine's hair lures in not only the women, but the men. He has what men want, thick full hair that make the ladies go crazy. However, his full hair has seen numerous changes over the years, particularly his hairline. The internet went crazy when leaked pictures showed the extent of his receding hairline. But is Adam Levine balding?

Adam Levine Hair Loss

Adam Levine Bald

Adam Levine and no hair? Why is Adam Levine bald? He actually shaved his head 3 months prior to its debut, documenting it all on social media. But why did Adam Levine shave/cut his hair? Was it to cover his hair loss?

Adam Levine Hair Transplant

Having shaved off his hair, he came back with a thicker, fuller head of hair. But whether this is his natural hairline has caused a bit of a stir and speculation. Adam Levine's hair line has changed over the years expectedly, growing further and further back, reminiscent of a receding hairline.

Adam Levine actually has a scar in-line with the start of his left eyebrow which continues through his hairline, which could be the cause of his uneven hairline.

It's not clear if Adam Levine has had a hair transplant, or whether his hair cut changes the appearance of his hairline. Shorter hairstyles can emphasise the receding pattern and longer styles can be styled around it. The thickening of it could also be down to topical hair loss treatments, such as minoxidil. Thickening fibres or makeup used to fill in the hairline also help to disguise thinning temples.

On That Note

It's clear that Adam Levine has and is suffering from a receding hairline, but the full extent of his balding isn't known. The reasons for him shaving his head are still a mystery.

However, it is clear that he is now showcasing a thicker, fuller hairline. Thanks to make up magic tricks, they can be easily hidden, particularly with longer hair which can be styled around the problem areas. If he has had opted for hair transplant surgery or hair loss treatment, the affects are great!


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