8 of the Best Gyms in London

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Here at The Idle Man we are somewhat on the fitness hype (or trying to stick to it at least). We have been visiting some of the best gyms in London to see which ones really take our fancy. Below we have curated a list of the best of the best so when you're next planning to get fit, head to one of these. 

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If you're thinking about going on a health kick then you don't need to be anywhere else before you start. This article will show you the best gyms in London, from those specialising in the likes of spinning to those that essentially give you everything you could need and more.

London's abundance of gyms and fitness studios is off the scale and is second to none, so it can be pretty difficult finding the gym that's perfect for you. From spinning at Digme to boxing at BXR London, there is something for everyone. These are the best gyms in London in 2018, so head nowhere else.

Third Space

Third Space prides itself on being one of the more luxurious places to work out. If you have a hectic lifestyle then head to one of the chain's gyms (there's one in Soho, Marylebone, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf and the City Of London) as wherever you work, there's one nearby.

Third Space challenges the monotony of your typical gym in an attempt to inspire members and make their surroundings as comfortable as possible. The gym caters for every need possible, whether it's wellness, medical or just personal, and each gym offers a range of services, from spinning to seasonal ski fitness training. What sets Third Space apart from your typical gym is that the team there really care about your goals and your body. The extremely extensive induction process includes a discussion of lifestyle and goals, a comprehensive movement assessment and a biometric scan to evaluate body fat, visceral fat, lean muscle mass and hydration.

Third Space takes your fitness and health seriously and combines a luxury treatment with an enjoyable and comfortable way to work out. Each gym has a Natural Fitness Food Cafe so your post workouts needs are catered to as well. This is also one of the best gyms in London with a pool. Get down there ASAP.

For more information visit the Third Space website.

third space london gym
Third Space, London

Another Space

Spearheaded by Colin Waggett, founder of London gym Psycle and CEO of the aforementioned Third Space, it certainly lives up to the hype that has been surrounding it since it first opened.

Another Space offers some of the best classes in the capital and focuses on Cycle, Yoga and HIIT classes. One of the cycle classes is taken by SJ Aboboto who is one of the most sought after dance professionals in the industry, having toured with the best UK and International artists, including Gwen Stefani and Kanye West. She adds a weight section and upper body exercises into the cycle session, making it a full body workout, unlike most other spinning classes out there. The yoga classes are taken by a former rugby player while the HIIT class is perfect for those wanting to work out with a friend.

Food from Detox Kitchen and Natural Fitness food is available at Another Space, so your post workout refuel is easily catered for. What makes Another Space really stand out from other luxury gyms in London is the simple booking process it has been using. There are no memberships on offer - just book your classes online, which are upwards of £16 per session, and show up.

For more information visit the Another Space website.

another space london gym-min
Another Space, London

Blok London

Blok has two spaces in London - one in Shoreditch and one in Clapton. The Shoreditch one is based in an architectural delight - the Norman Foster-designed Principal Place development. The Shoreditch space focuses on a blend of fitness, art and design while the original space in Clapton does similar.

The two spaces offer a range of classes, with the Shoreditch gym now offering an even bigger array than the Clapton space. BLOK Shoreditch offers over 180 classes per week with 32 different types of class. The space also boasts a 60-seater café that comprises a gallery and retail space.

All classes at both gyms focus on building skills, improving technique and achieving constant progression, and the team have employed 50 of London's best instructors, making the two spaces some of the best gyms in both East London and North London.

For more information visit the Blok London website.

blok london gym -min
Blok London


1Rebel is a no contract gym that has quickly become one of the coolest gyms in London. While we must admit that their locker rooms are pretty special (they've been gracing a fair amount of Instagram feeds as of late), 1Rebel takes its impeccable services far beyond just the changing room.

The gym is a fuss-free place to workout and focuses on three areas: Ride (spinning); Reshape (high intensity exercises across treadmills and benches) and Rumble (a boxing fitness class). There is something for everyone, but we must stress that these will stretch even the fittest of people's abilities. The classes are expertly run and well-planned out, but they are on the challenging side.

Based in Broadgate, St Mary Axe, Bayswater and Southbank, 1Rebel is certainly one of the best gyms in London, weather you're looking for the best gym in South London or in Central.

For more information visit the 1Rebel website.

1rebel gym london
1Rebel, London


If you are looking for a gym that is specifically aimed at spinning then look no further. Digme prides itself on helping you dig further than you thought you could ever go, whether you are an expert cyclist who cycles every week, or a beginner.

Based in Moorgate and Blackfriars, the RIDE studios are quite literally something else. Flashing lights, uptempo music and instructors as passionate about spinning as you can get, you can guarantee that you're about to have the ride of your life. It isn't just cycling that's on offer though. The gyms also offer a HIIT programme called MATRIX which will challenge and improve every energy system. Based on three fundamental principles - run, condition, move - the classes incorporate Technogym's brilliant SkillMill, kettlebells, TRXs and bodyweight movements. Variations of this full-body concept include MATRIX RUN and MATRIX CORE.

If you cannot decide between RIDE and MATRIX then go for FUSION, which blends the two together. You'll combine cardio, strength and conditioning, shocking your body's metabolism and leaving you burning calories for hours afterwards.

For more information visit the Digme website.

digme fitness gym london
Digme Fitness, London


Gymbox started back in 2003 with humble beginnings in a Hoxton carpark. Now there are eight Gymbox gyms across the city, and they've become some of the coolest gyms in London. They basically put the fun into exercise and sure, that may sound like an impossibility, but somehow Gymbox achieves it. As for the classes, each one is different. Flatline is dubbed the hardest class in the world while the one named Death Row is a seriously tough rowing workshop - these are not for those who don't want to get seriously sweaty. As well as these two there is also Rave, Contortion, Aerial Pilates, Trapeze, Caveman and Paddleboard Yoga, so you can guarantee that there is something for you. Gymbox prides itself on being the fun string of gyms in the city - walk in and you'll be met with DJs.

For more information visit the Gymbox website.

gymbox stratford london gym-min
Gymbox, London

Core Collective

Core Collective in Kensington is one of the best luxury gyms in London. You can take your pick from seven fitness classes at the Kensington spot: Circuit, Lift + Row, Cycle, TRX, Power Yoga, Mat Pilates and Stretch. The high quality, high energy classes are led by some of London's best instructors, and will be sure to both challenge and change you.

You can attend the classes on a pay-as-you-go basis, so that means you don't need to worry about membership costs and all the rest. The gym is a stylish environment set in one of London's finest areas, so you can expect the amenities to be just as good.

For more information visit the Core Collective website.

core collective gym london-min
Core Collective, London

BXR London

BXR London is the world’s first high-end boxing gym and launched in January 2017. It is in Marylebone and is dedicated to developing a championship mindset. The gym offers members the standard of training and facilities that are expected by professional athletes, and notably Anthony Joshua is a user.

Boxing discipline sits at the core of BXR. The unique gym offers a whole array of services, including a range of combat disciplines, strength & conditioning, boxing lessons, circuit training, group classes, boxing fitness, clinic treatments and nutrition advice. The BXR team comprises of a select group of the world's most elite trainers, including London’s most respected boxing coaches, ex-champion boxers and current professional fighters, alongside strength and conditioning coaches and mind-set mentors.

For more information visit the BXR London website.

bxr london gym boxing
BXR London

On That Note

Above we have outlined the best gyms in London, from Gymbox to BXR London. These are the places where, despite perhaps spending a little more than your standard gym, you'll find some of the best training facilities on offer. If you're looking for a workout that will really get you into shape then head to one of these gyms ASAP.


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