Sportsmen with Hair Loss

Sportsmen with Hair Loss

The world's top athletes may seem invincible when it comes to sport but they are still human. Losing your hair is an unavoidable part of many men's lives, and athough you wouldn't wish it on anyone, it can be reassuring to see some of the fittest men in the world suffering the same fate. Here's a look at sportsmen that deal from hair loss.

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Rafael Nadal and his Thinning Hair

The Spanish tennis player, Rafael Nadal, is one of the best athletes in the world. With a record of nine French Open tournament wins and two Wimbledon titles, Nadal is easily one of the most accomplished sportsmen to ever play tennis. Despite this, he is still seeing the effects of ageing and hair loss. Over the last few years, people have been starting to ask is Nadal going bald?

Rafael Nadal's haircut has been effective at covering any hair issues that he may have. By keeping his hair long and wearing a sweatband Nadal can hide any bad patches at the same time as hiding his hairline. However, if Nadal is balding then it's probably going to only get worse.

Products such as Minoxidil and Propecia can be used to block DHT, the main hormone that causes male pattern baldness. However, as he has a lot of money Nadal could get a hair transplant like several footballers have done.

rafael nadal thinning hair
Nadal Losing Hair
PHOTO CREDIT: Men's Tennis Forums

Lewis Hamilton and Hair Loss

The Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton is no stranger to the high-stress sporting environment of a racing car. Despite this, Hamilton hasn't managed to escape male pattern baldness. As if winning a Grand Prix wasn't enough, the media has suspected that Hamilton has had a hair transplant for a receding hairline. This was suggested after his hairstyle changed from his common shaved look to a longer high top fade.

lewis hamilton receding hairline
Receding Hairline Transplant

However, although Lewis Hamilton's hair got longer, his receding hairline didn't actually appear any less. It's more likely that Hamilton has simply grown out the hair he still has on the top of his head. Although he could get an extremely expensive hair transplant, he could first try less invasive treatments such as Minoxidil and Propecia. Or, like many men, Hamilton may embrace his receding hairline and accept the way his hair looks.

lewis hamilton hair style
Lewis Hamilton Style
PHOTO CREDIT: Key Words King

NFL Player Brian Urlacher Gets Hair Transplant

Despite not being as popular in the UK, American football remains one of the most popular sports across the pond. ex-NFL linebacker, Brian Urlacher amazed fans by getting a hair transplant after years of baldness whilst playing American football.

brian urlacher before hair transplant
Brian Urlacher Hair Transplant
PHOTO CREDIT: For The Win - USA Today

Revealing his full head of hair in a TV interview, Urlacher discussed how he'd undergone a Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). This involves using a small device to remove groups of hair follicles from areas with more hair like the back of the head and moving them to balding areas.

Although a hair transplant is often seen as a quick and easy way to solve hair loss, it doesn't address the root cause of the issue. Most cases of male pattern baldness are caused by the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which stops the hair follicles from getting essential nutrients. In order to stop the hair from thinning after a transplant, it's important to still take hair loss treatments such as Minoxidil, that blocks DHT.

brian urlacher after hair transplant
Brian Urlacher With Hair

Josh Dobbs' Receding Hairline Caused by Alopecia Areata

The famous American football player, Josh Dobbs, has spoken openly about his hair loss. Caused by the autoimmune condition Alopecia Areata, Josh Dobbs has no eyebrows and a receding hairline that goes quite far up his head. Although some assumed he was simply going bald, Dobbs has clarified that he doesn't simply have male pattern baldness.

josh dobbs without any hair
Joshua Dobbs Hair

When he was a teenager Josh Dobbs's alopecia meant he had multiple bald spots around his head, causing him to shave all his hair off. Although treatment means that some of the hair on the top his head has returned, his eyebrows and eyelashes are yet to grow.

josh dobbs with hair
Josh Dobbs HairPHOTO CREDIT: SEC Rant

Formula 1's Eddie Jordan Wears Three Wigs

Despite never actually racing, Eddie Jordan has become an extremely recognisable figure in Formula 1. The former motorsport boss and BBC presenter has openly talked about how he has had alopecia since he was young. Although not many people realise, Eddie Jordan wears a wig to disguise his baldness.

Alopecia Areata is a hair loss condition that Jordan could have experienced. This form of alopecia is often attributed to extreme stress or trauma, something he may have experienced during a large accident he had when he was younger. It was after this that Jordan started wearing a wig.

eddie jordan with hair
Who is Eddie Jordan
PHOTO CREDIT: Sporting Barbados

On That Note

When you're one of the fittest athletes in the world there is an assumption that you're indestructible. It is therefore, reassuring to know that hair loss can affect anyone at anytime. Although a hair transplant can be extremely expensive, using hair loss treatments such as Minoxidil and Propecia are a lot more affordable.


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