6 Singers With Hair Loss

6 Singers With Hair Loss

No matter how much we love our music idols, they're inescapably human just like us. Today we take a look at different singers with hair loss and how their hairstyles have evolved as a consequence.

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The Beatles and Hair Loss

The Beatles are one of the most iconic bands in the world and their hairstyles also contributed to their fame and immediately recognisable image. Taking full ownership of the classic mop-top hairstyle, also known as 'The Beatles haircut' or 'Arthur', was quickly embraced by their legion of fans making it a phenomenon.

Mop-top the beatles haircut for men

Paul McCartney

However, The Beatles today don't quite have the full head of hair they were immediately identified with. Paul McCartney's long hair is still there even though it's looking a little thinner. Considering that the music legend is now 74, he's done a pretty amazing job at preserving his locks. Paul McCartney's hairstyles are truly enviable.

paul mccartney long hair for men

Ringo Starr

Unfortunately, we can't really say the same thing for drummer Ringo Starr. The golden days of The Beatles hairstyles seem to be long gone for him as he's showing the signs of male pattern baldness, more specifically with a receding hairline. Of course, the easiest way to disguise a receding hairline is to keep your hair quite short just like Ringo does. Plus, this hairstyle definitely works for him as it's quite modern and youthful. Besides, it's certainly not going to be a receding hairline to take anything away from one of the best drummers in the world.

ringo starr short hair for men hair loss

Adam Ant and Hair Loss

The 80s have given both men and women plenty of hairstyles where the idea of 'more is more' absolutely ruled. Creative and wacky hairstyles were certainly encouraged and music fans of the time used to take inspiration from pop idols such as Adam Ant. However, Adam wasn't your usual pop star, he was closer to something like a singing futuristic pirate and total legend who brought elements of punk and electronica to popular music.

adam ant 80s men hair

Adam Ant Now

If we look at Adam Ant now and then we can see that things have changed from his 80s bandana hair. However, he's been completely and refreshingly open about his hair loss. Part of being a pop star often relies on attractiveness and sexiness to create a strong fan base and it can be quite hard to deal with changes in appearance. But as Adam says "you've just got to do what you can. Just gotta get up, have a shave and get on with it, really".

adam ant now and then hair loss for men

Stevie Wonder and Hair Loss

American singer Stevie Wonder is a good example of hair loss potentially caused by specific hairstyles. In his case, we're dealing with traction alopecia which is caused by putting a considerable amount of pressure on the root and hair follicles. Over a long period of time, this stops hair from growing altogether. We can definitely see the effects of traction alopecia in Stevie Wonder's hairline. In fact, Stevie Wonder's hair is usually styled in tight braids and he's been sporting them for the majority of his career.

Even though traction alopecia can be quite tricky to reverse, the most immediate thing you can to improve the situation is changing your hairstyle. Like in most hair loss cases there are treatments available and as always we recommend you talk to experts about your case.

stevie wonder hair traction alopecia for men
PHOTO CREDIT: 20 Minutes France

Chris Brown and Hair Loss

There are many ways in which Chris Brown has gained plenty of attention for reasons other than his music. In one of these cases, he was photographed carrying a hair growth product and immediately people started wondering if Chris Brown was going bald. Even though he's quite young, it's not completely impossible for him to actually suffer from hair loss.

However, Chris Brown's hair is usually quite short, basically sporting a buzzcut. Plus, Chris Brown's hairline isn't really showing obvious signs of recession. After all, he could have been carrying 'Super Hair Gro Pro' for a friend, who knows? If he is indeed experiencing hair loss, bleaching his hair certainly won't help with the problem. It can be useful to hide hair patches that would reveal the scalp but obviously, chemicals don't help with the overall condition.

chris brown short hair buzzcut for men
PHOTO CREDIT: Entertainment Online

Does Sam Smith Have a Receding Hairline?

Just like rockstar Jack White, Sam Smith also quite clearly has a widow's peak hairline. There has been some speculation on the internet over whether or not the pop star is starting to show signs of a receding hairline. Experiencing this type of hair loss at a young age isn't unheard of and fame obviously puts artists under a great deal of detailed analysis of every potential flaw.

Sam Smith's hairstyle of choice is usually a modern pompadour where a quiff is the centrepiece which leaves his hairline quite exposed. Overall, his hair looks quite full and healthy so it doesn't really look like he's suffering from hair loss.

Sam Smith widows peak hair for men pompadour
PHOTO CREDIT: The Independent

On That Note

So there you have it, even our biggest idols deal with very common issues such as male hair loss. Of course, this is nothing that is going to particularly affect their career or the quality of their work and if it didn't stop them it shouldn't stop you either. Hair loss has an undeniable impact on one's self-esteem and you should do everything in your power to take care of your overall well-being. If you are worried about this or your current rate of hair loss then it is best to speak to a professional who can advise you on hair restoration options.


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