The 6 Golden Rules of Eyebrow Grooming


Your eyebrows are a pretty dominant feature on your face, so getting them right is essential. You don't want to be walking around with a really bushy pair or ones that can barely be seen. There's a balance between too much and too little, so we at The Idle Man are going to help you understand how to do your eyebrows.

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If you're still asking yourself 'why should I groom my eyebrows?' then you need to get on board ASAP. Men's eyebrow grooming is no longer frowned upon. In today's society when you neglect your brows then you're the anomaly, not the guy that does his eyebrow shaping, eyebrow plucking and even eyebrow waxing. It may sound like a lot of effort but believe it or not, your eyebrow hair doesn't grow at lightning speed. You can do it every few weeks with just the occasional pluck here and there.

I know that for the majority of you, you've got this far through your life without having to pick up a pair of eyebrow tweezers or use the dreaded eyebrow grooming wax. You've stayed in the safe zone and avoided any eyebrow grooming necessary, but times have changed. We are in the prime of eyebrow grooming, so it's vital that you understand the importance of grooming your eyebrows. So, to save you the embarrassment of bushy eyebrows or even worse, over-plucked eyebrows, here's some tips on how you should be going about it.

Know Your Eyebrows

Our first rule is that you should know your eyebrows. Yes, I know this sounds strange. You see them on your face everyday but you need to know what kind of hair you have and where the hairs tend to grow. You also need to ask yourself if they're symmetrical - the answer is probably no, and if I'm honest, you don't want them too symmetrical because this can look a bit weird. Symmetry is simply an eyebrow aim, but the point is, your eyebrows are more like brothers than twins. You also need to know if your hair's long, short, stiff, soft, thick, thin, dark or light. There may be a lot to think about, but if you know your eyebrows, you'll know what grooming technique works best for you.

Jake Gyllenhaal has neatly shaped eyebrows


Eyebrow Shaping

The second rule we want you to follow is about the shape of your eyebrows. So to begin, you need to remember that you're a guy and you don't need overly shaped eyebrows like all the girls in your life probably do. However, you do want a pair that look good and well kept. A lot rides on your appearance, so as much as we don't want to admit it, the better your grooming habits, the better the impression you'll give.

With eyebrow shaping for men, it's all about getting rid of that unibrow. You should also know where each eyebrow starts and where it should finish. To do this you'll need an eyebrow shaping comb or even a pen or pencil to simple use as a straight line on your face. The start of your eyebrow is crucial - you don't want them looking too far apart or too close together. So, with the comb, make sure the hairs start proportionally to the outside of your nostrils. Line the pencil vertically in front of your face so you are able to see where you should start shaping. For the ends of your brows, align the comb horizontally from the bridge of your nose to the outside corner of your eye. Where this crosses is where your brows should end.

Another eyebrow shaping rule is that you don't want them too tall (obviously). They need to be longer than they are tall. You therefore need to get rid of the hairs that are above or below the main shaped area. Just make sure you don't over do it, as you can get carried away. We've all got horror stories on that one.

Eyebrow Plucking

Plucking your eyebrows is one of the simplest ways to tidy up your hairs. Everyone knows what plucking is (we hope), so if you get your hands on a pair of tweezers then you're good to go. For a guy that doesn't need much brow maintenance, eyebrow plucking is an easy step for you. Plus it's useful for those stray hairs that you still see after you've had a eyebrow wax. However as easy and simple as this sounds, it can be slightly painful. But after a while I'm sure you'll get used to it.

Before you start plucking away, you're gonna need to get yourself some eyebrow grooming tools, but don't worry, they're not as technical as it sounds. The tweezers you use should be the angled ones that come to a point. These are easier to use in the eyebrow area. An eyebrow comb or brush is also good because by brushing the hairs upwards, you can see which ones need removing and which ones just need trimming. When you do start plucking, make sure you stretch your skin slightly and then go for it. The unibrow, the hairs underneath and the ones above all need neatening up. Don't go mad, but get the ones that stand out. Plucking won't leave any dark stubble either as you pull out everything from the root.

Eyebrow Waxing

For those of you that have a load of hair in areas that aren't meant to have any, this is for you. It can remove a fair amount of unwanted hairs all at once. Similarly to plucking, waxing removes the hair right from the root. However, this is something that's sometimes better left to the professionals as it's not really eyebrow grooming for beginners. You don't want this to go wrong as your hair may not grow back for another two to four weeks. And that, I'm sure, won't be a good look. There are so many places now that do eyebrow waxing for men, so don't feel embarrassed about heading to your local salon.

Zayn Malik has got the eyebrow grooming for men down


Shaving your Eyebrows

This is a risky one - mainly because you have to have good control of a blade, or else, one slip or wrong move and you'll have half an eyebrow left. Compared to plucking and waxing, shaving your eyebrows is the least painful - in fact, there's no pain at all. You just need to make sure you have a smooth razor and that you don't start shaving too close to the main part of the brow. Shaving's good for getting rid of your unibrow and any hairs that aren't close to the brow. For the closer, more intricate hairs, it's better for you to use some tweezers.

If you do use this eyebrow grooming method then use soap and wet the area. This will give you a smoother and softer finish. Just note that the hairs will grow back a lot quicker this way and can leave black stubble just a few days after you've neatened up. 

Eyebrow Trimming

This is one of the final stages of eyebrow care and you should do this alongside one of the other methods above. You need to finish off the brow shape as well as you can, so trimming the hairs helps work on the depth and thickness of the brow. If you have thick hair or longer hairs this is where you trim them down so they look less messy and a lot neater. You may have got rid of all the other hairs by plucking, waxing or shaving, but when your actual hairs are long and messy looking, it's time to get the little scissors out. Men's eyebrows have the tendency to look fairly bushy, so trimming the long hairs or the ones that aren't fitting with the shape will keep you looking well groomed and neat.

Eyebrow grooming kits will usually contain a pair of small scissors that have a slightly rounded edge. This is so they can fit the contours of your face, making it a lot easier to get the hairs you want. Brush your eyebrows upwards with your eyebrow comb and trim the hairs that are overly long. This keeps the face looking tamed and like you've cared about your appearance a lot more. Plus, we all know that every girl loves a well groomed guy.

The 6 Golden Rules of Eyebrow Grooming

  • Know your eyebrows. Each and every man is different, so different methods will work for every individual.
  • The shaping is key, not too long, not too short, not too busy and definitely not too thin.
  • Plucking is a good way to neaten up the odd stray hairs. It's good for finishing off the edges and getting those random hairs.
  • Eyebrow waxing can remove the unibrow in an instant. It's quick and easy but may be a bit painful.
  • Shaving your eyebrows needs a lot of concentration and control. Do it wrong and you've had a mare.
  • Trimming your eyebrows is the last step, no weirdly long hairs to been seen.

zac efron slick quiff
Zac Efron is known to always take care of his brows

On That Note

One final thing to add to your eyebrow grooming routine is a toner or cleanser to use both before and after you sort out your eyebrows. This will give you the best results and help calm your skin down. Male eyebrow grooming tips have come a long way since men started to really care about their appearance. Admittedly, you don't want brows that are better than your girlfriend's, but there's no harm in making them look nice.


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