5 of the Best Hand Lotions for Men

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It's alright for us women - we have all of the lotions and potions in the world that are marketed to us with the promise of making our skin as smooth as it can possibly be, but what about you guys? Whether you're a gym fanatic who needs to keep their hands feeling moisturised or simply a guy who is in touch with their grooming routine, here are the five best hand lotions for you men.

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Best Hand Cream For Men

Finding the best hand cream might not be at the top of all men's priorities, but we're here to tell you why it should be. Using a men's hand cream or a hand lotion has many benefits, and we don't see why men's hands are any less important than women's. A good hand cream will re-hydrate the skin whilst replenishing any rough or dry patches. It will also help to smooth calluses which are caused by a lot of gym-going, or guitar playing, or what have you. In addition to these health benefits, a working hand cream will simply make your hands more soft and glowing, as well as make them smell and feel good, so if you're a hand holder, this article is for you. So what is the best hand cream? Read on to find out.

Anthony Hand Cream

This hand cream by Anthony is one of the best hand cream for dry hands. Working to replenish the skin, soothe dry skin and cracked chapped hands, this award-winning hand cream should be your new go-to hand product. Using extracts of wheat protein and aqua cacteen, this hand cream promises to not only help your hands feel more youthful, but look more youthful, too. By reducing fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles, this cream doubles up as an anti ageing hand cream. Made paraben free and having been allergy and dermatology tested, add this best anti ageing hand cream to your daily routine for a much softer grasp of life.

To use this hand cream, all you need to do is apply a small amount to your hands, and if necessary, your elbows too. Rub this is until absorbed to feel the best effects from it. Remember, a small amount of this hand cream goes a long way, so you don't need to use too much to feel the benefits from it. This also means it will last you a long time, making it a great value product.

Anthony Cracked Hand Cream

Haeckels Seaweed & Geranium Hand Balm

The best hand lotion for men is one that will not only help repair the hands but the nails and cuticles, too. No matter where you go, every man should have clean and healthy nails, not just for health reasons but also to look presentable. If you're a gym goer, healthy nails will help prevent cracks and breaks which can be pretty troublesome.

The Haeckels Seaweed & Geranium Hand Balm is one of the best hand and nail cream options available, working to make all-around improvements to your hands. This hand cream is made to be rich in essential vitamins which help to tackle the hands, nails and cuticles with quick absorption. Carefully made with coastal flowers (staying true to the brands roots) and natural skin-softening ingredients, the hand cream will protect your skin and nourish it simultaneously. 

To use this hand cream, Haeckels suggest applying it to your hands as often as you need. You can also apply it to any particularly dry parts of your body as often as you need. Use every day to see noticeable positive changes in your nails and cuticles.

Best Hand and Nail Cream

L:A Bruket Hand Cream Bergamot & Patchouli

The best men's moisturiser doesn't just come in the form of a face cream. It is just as important to find the best moisturising men's hand cream to take every man through his day to day life. The Swedish skincare and grooming brand L:A Bruket is an all-natural brand that utilises the ingredients found by the brand's base on the seaside. The L:A Bruket Bergamot & Patchouli hand cream is one for nourishing dry and chapped hands as well as protecting the skin afterwards. It uses the bergamot peel which eases, cools and exfoliates. The patchouli extract is taken from the leaf, and this is calming, cleansing and healing. Using essential oils of the bergamot and the cleansing and antiseptic properties of the patchouli, this cream is combined with coconut oil and shea butter to create a soothing feeling with a great scent. The other ingredient used in this hand cream is meadowfoam which is an astringent (makes the skin tighter with it's healing properties) which is also rich in Omega 6 and 9.

This hand cream is perfect for moisturising and healing, so if you're the kind of man who is prone to cuts and scuffs on your hands, look no further. Use this L:A Bruket hand cream as often as you feel necessary.

L:A Bruket Dry Skin Hand Cream

Jack Black Intense Therapy Hand Cream

Here's another award-winning hand cream that you need to add to your skincare and grooming routine as soon as possible. Every area of your body needs to be looked after, so this Hand Therapy by Jack Black is the perfect option to give your hands the TLC they deserve.

Jack Black is a family owned company from Texas, which has previously been voted as the number one best-selling men's skincare brand. With the ethos of totally stripping back to basics to create products that actually work with no-animal-testing involved, Jack Black has grown immensely in popularity. The Jack Black Intense Therapy Hand Cream is a non-greasy formula packed with vitamins including vitamins A and E. It is directed at the everyday working man, no matter what profession. Be it golf, a chef or a gym lover, this hand therapy has been proven to repair, soften and nourish the skin and cuticles. Whatever you do, you use your hands consistently throughout the day, so give them the therapy they need.

Using organic ingredients with zero parabens, fragrances or colourants, and having been dermatology tested, you can be assured that this hand cream will become your new best skincare friend. Use it whenever you feel you need to replenish your skin.

Jack Black Hand Therapy Cream

Bulldog Original Hand Cream

Bulldog is a no-nonsense men's skincare brand that uses natural ingredients to make high-quality products for men, and the Bulldog Original Hand Cream is no exception to this. This hand cream uses a blend of eight essential oils which, as well as giving all of the health and skincare properties, gives the cream an amazing, masculine scent. This hand cream has top notes of bergamot with lemon, line, geranium, patchouli and base notes of cedarwood artemisia and vetiver. Smelling good is an essential part of giving off that manly vibe, so if you want your hands to smell as good as the rest of you, here is how.

Free from artificial colouring, synthetic fragrances and ingredients from animals, this soothing, nourishing hand cream is the perfect option for the style conscious man. You'll love its price tag too!

Bulldog Original Hand Cream

On That Note

Men deserve to have healthy and soft hands just as much as women do. No matter what your line of work, be it a builder or even a banker, your hands go through a lot each day, meaning you need to look after them. If you are a heavy lifter, you will be used to having calluses on your hands which can be fixed with a great hand cream for men. Invest in one now and add it to your grooming routine.


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