The 5 Grooming Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

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With the rise of social media alongside growing awareness of wellness, the men's grooming industry has undergone a bit of a makeover of late - if you excuse the pun. 2017 has certainly seen some interesting ones (need we mention glitter beards?), so we take a look at what you can expect in the way of male grooming trends in 2018.

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It's no secret that today's modern man is more in touch than ever with his grooming routine. It's a market that's now worth over $50 billion, so unsurprisingly there's a lot going on in male grooming right now. No longer associated with being a feminine trait, grooming has become a staple in the everyday man's routine.

And so it should be. You could be bang on trend with the latest garms, but ultimately if you're not completing the look with an en vogue haircut, you're kind of shooting yourself in the foot. Whilst they might be more subtle than the sometimes extravagant women's beauty trends, there are undeniably male grooming looks and specific products that come in and out of fashion. We've definitely seen some questionable things in the way of male grooming this year - glitter beards and extremely over-waxed eyebrows, we're looking at you - but we're hopeful that 2018 will hold a bit more of a serious revolution for our wash bags.

Men's Grooming Trends

Skincare Trends

All too often, men's skincare routines are heavily overlooked. If your wash bag currently only contains a razor and a can of Lynx Africa from Christmas last year, and your idea of grooming is successfully making it to the shower in the morning, then something has gone seriously wrong. These days, there are a myriad of men's grooming products that have become pretty essential in an ideal grooming routine. Where would you be without your face wash and moisturiser, at the very least? So, hopefully by now you should already have the basics, but there are a couple of products you should be on the look out for in 2018 to give a new lease of life to your bathroom shelf.

Targeted Solutions

Apparently, 2018 is set to be the year of 'targeted solutions'. Grooming jargon aside, this pretty much means that guys are increasingly demanding of products that target common skin imperfections - basically, those pesky spots and redness better watch their backs. Specifically, industry experts have highlighted that eye rollers are going to have a moment in the grooming spotlight in 2018. These can work wonders at reducing fine lines, puffiness and dark circles under your eyes, giving you a overall brighter and healthier complexion - and after a month of Christmas festivities (i.e. a prolonged excuse for excessive partying), who doesn't want that?

eye roller for men
Eye roller for men.


It might seem like a staple to some guys who are already well versed in the art of grooming, but the importance of moisturising is also going to resurface in 2018. With social media pointing our attention to ridiculously perfect skin, many men are starting to realise that a tailored moisturiser is the key to getting blemish free complexion.

Unlike women's, men's skin is thicker and produces more sebum so is naturally oilier, which combined with other stresses like shaving means that men's skin often runs into more trouble. Because of this, most men's grooming brands have created specifically formulated moisturising products, from moisturisers that are anti-aging to skin strengthening serums. Stocking a whole host of brands and products, our collaboration with grooming specialist Beast is the ideal go-to for finding the ideal moisturiser for men. However, if you're unsure about your skin's needs, it's probably best to head in store to get an expert to help you out - left to your own devices, you could actually do more damage than good.

Mens Moisturiser
Moisturising will be all important in 2018.


'What the bloody hell is Koreanification' I hear you cry. Granted, it's not the most self-explanatory grooming trend around, but there's definitely something there worth paying attention to. Essentially, the entire grooming industry has become pretty revolutionised by grooming trends going on in the Far East, and some of their biggest money making fads have now found their way over here.

2017 saw a huge rise in the amount of sheet style face masks this year, and although this is predominantly a women's beauty trend, it's also found its way into the wash bags of men. The likes of Chris Pratt, Justin Bieber and P Diddy have all posted images on Instagram sporting sheet face masks, and to be fair, not without good reason. Sheet face masks have been hailed as ideal for targeting dry, oily and acne prone skin, with a huge variety of masks available for your specific skin burden. They're a fraction of the cost compared to a facial, and take half the time - what's not to be into?

So, we might be able to convince you of the benefits of questionable looking face masks, but elsewhere 'Koreanification' of men's grooming might raise a couple more eyebrows. With all things gender neutral rife in fashion, it's no surprise that make up for men is also having a moment in the spotlight. Korea has established itself as a grooming Mecca in recent years - the result of a combination of a beauty obsessed society and a resulting demand for a huge range of innovative products. This means that a whole host of Korean-inspired male beauty products will be making much more of an appearance in 2018 such as toners, emulsions, tinted moisturisers and concealers. Male make up might seem a bit extravagant and unwearable, but it has already infiltrated the catwalk in a subtle, not-too-scary fashion - check out the smokey eye on the catwalk at Vivienne Westwood if you fancy some wider research - brooding, right?

Hair Grooming Trends

Thankfully, the time has come that we can wholeheartedly say that the era of the man bun has come to an end. Goodbye, fair well, good riddance. It was a look that divided the nation for well over a year, and whilst some fortunate souls could pull off the look to some degree of success, the majority of guys were left looking like a rejected, bedraggled Shoreditch hipsters. So take down that pony tail and fling that hair band into the distance, but don't reach for the scissors just yet.

The majority of Spring Summer 18 catwalks saw models with hair heavily influenced by the worlds of skating and grunge, with a touch of Californian surf thrown in for good measure. Here it was very much a departure from the slick metrosexual look, making way for a more rough and ready style. Hair is kept mid-length, but left to hang freely around the shoulders and looks great with a bit of a wave to it. This loose look is epitomised by male model of the moment, Oliver Sonne, whose locks graced the SS18 catwalks for the likes of Calvin Klein, Loewe and Dsquared2.

Just found these images On the street In Paris. Thank you @loewe for having me in your campaign!😝

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While longer hair is definitely having a moment, down at the other end of the spectrum is the shaved look, still heavily influenced by the post-Soviet brands such as Gosha Rubchinskiy and Vetements. There doesn't seem to be much else in the middle - it's either long, or shaved. Like choosing between LA or Kiev, the looks might seem a strange juxtaposition, but both actually work really well next to each other, bringing a carefree, rebellious sense to SS18 trends.

While it's very much one or the other in the way of haircuts, that doesn't mean that there aren't on trend styling options for the longer haired guy. Models at both Y/Project and Haider Ackerman presented models with slicked, middle-parted, wet-look styles - a pretty aesthetically pleasing, nerdy look, and one that is easy to achieve with a heft amount of hair gel. Perhaps one to reserve for special occasions or when you're feeling particularly 'fashion' - there might be a few puzzled faces down the pub.

spring summer 18 mens hair trends
Wet look hair styles for Spring Summer 18 at Louis Vuitton and Haider Ackermann.
PHOTO CREDIT: @louisvuitton, WWD

Luckily for you, these hair grooming trends might not seem completely out of the blue or unattainable, as they're already pretty predominant on the street - it's more a contemporary case of the catwalk taking influence from the streets, as opposed to the other way around. So, either grab that conditioner for your luscious locks or reach for the razor to be bang on trend in 2018.

Beard Grooming Trends

There are times when having a beard that Father Christmas would envy is bang on trend, and then there are times where having prepubescent chops is the only way to go. For 2018 however, the beard looks set to fit somewhere in the middle - it's less about the size of the beard and more about how you style it. It might seem like the most natural thing in the world, but wearing a beard is a lot more difficult to pull off than you might think. Sure, you can commit to that hipster thing and go full-on lumberjack, but it's a strong look that you might not fancy all the time. Thankfully, the in-between look for 2018 is one that is set to stick around for a while.

Fashion is a cyclical business, and according to fashion forecasters, the next wave of catwalk inspiration may see a look back to the eighties, meaning an altogether cleaner shave, leaving just a bit of stubble. Think Wolf of Wall Street - but probably the middle bit of the film. With this trend, 2018 will therefore see a continued rise of popularity in proper barber shops, as well as quality razor blades, aftershave balm and shaving creams. Luckily for you, we've teamed up with the grooming experts at Beast to bring you the best products around to keep your stubble in check. Take a look at the whole range here.

mens clean shave
Model with a clean shave at London Fashion Week Men's.

On That Note

Paying attention to the latest grooming trends might not be top on your to-do list, but who wants to get left behind in the style stakes? Keeping up to date with your grooming routine is pretty vital in looking the part - after all, there's not much point in dressing the part, only to be let down by unruly facial hair and uncooperative skin. Refresh your wash bag ready for the New Year and stay ahead of the game by heading to The Idle Man and checking out our grooming section. You won't regret it.


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