The Idle Man Insider: Rob Evans

The Idle Man Insider: Rob Evans

We would like to introduce you to a new element of The Idle Man. The Insider is our way of showing you the real Idle, behind the scenes of projects and an insight into the people who make Idle. There is good work that goes undocumented. We start our first feature with Rob, the lead buyer of The Idle Man.

Rob is responsible for leading the design, buying and fabric sourcing of our own collections. Working with factories around the globe to improve the style and quality of every garment we produce. We sat down with the man himself to discover how he got here, and where he sees the progression of our own label collection. The photographs provide a visual insight into the inspirations behind Rob and what makes his home a home.

So Rob, When did you join Idle?

Idle own-label was initially launched by Oliver and Thom with a basic range of clothing but I joined in August 2016 to grow the own-label range, bring on new suppliers, add new product categories and establish “The Idle Man” as a brand that men are proud to wear.

What is your favourite object that inspires you?

There isn’t just one object that inspires me, but I am a big fan of plants! They’re resilient and pretty open with their feelings; just straight up “I’m happy, I’m not happy, I’m thirsty” etc – I like how candid they are.

What are your hopes for the progression of Idle?

I hope Idle will continue to experience the rapid growth that it currently is and continue to build long lasting relationships with our customers, ultimately cementing ourselves as a key player & brand in the menswear market. With the launch of Idle Projects, I’d love us to have the same success within the premium market.

Photography by Cal McIntyre and Mikey Massey featuring Larry the Dog.


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