Ben Thompson

Meet Ben Thompson, graphic designer and founder of Desire Press. Born with a creative flare, Thompson has always had a passion for designing new and exciting creative pieces. Sharing a passion for print magazines, Thompson joined forces with his girlfriend, Meg Williams to create an exciting new magazine all about sharing and showcasing ideas for creative pieces. Starting in 2016, the art zine proved to be popular particularly in their home town and creative powerhouse, Manchester.


Meet Jake Mac and Louis Haynes, the founders of the creative portfolio and independent magazine, Cluny MCR. Best friends turning business partners, the creative duo set up  to seek out the greatest talents in the UK much to their success. Born from an idea they had at university in Manchester it quickly became a reality, their magazine has burst with popularity showing their strengths to uncover and raise the profiles of the established and fresh faces emerging onto the scene.

Alec Dudson

With a passion of providing a platform for interns, graduates, and young creatives to be heard, Dudson has created Intern Magazine to give a voice to the unpaid and talents of those working within the creative industries. In a world where finding a job which you are truly passionate about is inconceivable at the hardest of times, sometimes falling into an internship can be a thankless job.

The Insider

Our way of showing you the real Idle, behind the scenes of projects and an insight into the people who make Idle. There is good work that goes undocumented. We start our first feature with Rob, the lead buyer of The Idle Man.


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